• USB Connection
  • Small dimensions (48x48mm)
  • Single sided board, easy to build it at home

Author: Dimitrios Porlidas

Curriculum Vitae







     This is a low cost USB In System Programmer for AVR microcontrollers. It cooperates very well with AVRStudio (www.atmel.com) and it is very fast. Supports a lot of AVR microcontrollers. Most of the elements are SMD in order to keep the board simple and small. The dimensions of the PCB are 48x48mm and is single sided so it can be manufactured without any special equipment at home. IC3 (ATTINY2313) must be programmed in an external programmer (download files) and for this reason is DIL package.

     Main power for the programmer is from the USB port and is possible to supply power to the board that hosts the microcontroller been programed. The switch in the right top corner isolates programmer board's power line from target board's power line if the second has its own power supply. IC1 (93C46) is an EEPROM and it is not necessary for the operation. It can be programmed, on board from the USB bus using MPorg  (www.ftdichip.com), with additional information for the USBconnection.

     AVRStudio 4 recognises automatically the programmer as an ISP PROG. To use the programmer with AVRStudio 5 or newer must use AvrProg.exe from an AVRStudio 4 installation or use Avr-Osp II. Both programs can be embodied to AVRStudio 5 or newer using "Tools->External Tools..." menu.

     For Windows 8/8.1/10 to accept unsigned drivers, we have to disable the security measure of testing unsigned drivers. Particularly while trying to install FT232BM drivers, this security measure won’t allow you to install the drivers. Follow the steps explained in http://porlidas.gr/InstDev/InstDevEn.htm (installing AVR USB drivers) to override this problem.



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