I2C EEPROM Reader - Programmer


  • RS232 serial interface, no extra power needed
  • Reads and programms EEPROM series 24xxx
  • Easy to build in universal prototype board

Author: Dimitrios Porlidas

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I2C EEPROM Reader - Programmer is a simple circuit with a few elements that reads and programs a lot of I2C EEPROM like the series 24XXX. It has RS232 Serial interface and works perfectly with PONYPROG (http://www.lancos.com/prog.html). The EEPROM can be mounted in the IC base or alternately, the programmer can be connected through the connector to the board that EEPROM is placed. The connector has the same pin arrangement with ATmega32 Development Board described in Project section, so it is possible to combine the boards in order to develop applications. The programmer does not need external power because it uses power from serial port. LM2936Z-5 is a Low Drop Voltage Regulator and must not be replaced by other ordinary regulator but it must be removed if the board that the programmer is going to connect has its own power.


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